A Letter From

Hello, my name is Dr. Jeremy Campbell – If you’re interested in getting out of pain and getting back to doing the things you genuinely love. If you need help feeling more energetic and active, getting your body into shape, or just returning to activities you used to be able to do, and giving yourself the best possible chance at a long and happy life… I want to assure you: You are in the right place.

For over ten years, I have been one of the top experts in orthopedic physical therapy. My experiences took me to new frontiers of medical and movement science. I am now a driving force behind medical technology and treatments – breakthroughs revolutionizing how we treat patients.

But in 2014, while running a Physical Therapy clinic in Chicago, I was asked to treat a patient with debilitating back pain. This man was considered a hopeless case, someone who couldn’t be helped even by surgery. But “hopeless cases” have been a specialty of mine over the years, and I was willing to take on this man’s challenge when no one else would.

With my care, I discovered that the patient had reversed his low back pain symptoms – symptoms he was told were inoperable – with a combination of natural movements, specific but gentle stretches, and exercises, including modalities to use consistently in the home. This led me to pursue other designs of my own. My conclusions were unmistakable… and led directly to my involvement in designing products and services to help even more people.

One of the keys to healthy, sustainable health lives for all of us… in the form of beneficial movement and activity. These “healthy muscles and joints” are in danger of wearing out due to degeneration and wear and tear that overload our systems with stress and micro-trauma. Once you begin taking care of your muscles and joints – you can start an incredible transformation.